Friday, March 8, 2013

Irish Flowers In Downtown Tinley Park

Did you know that I used to have greenhouses?  We had a family business growing many different varieties beyond imagination.  We started our seeding on certain plants in February, then each week more and more depending on the varieties.  Yes, those were the days!
Besides Fresh Flowers, I'll also be sharing with you some gardening tips which does include many flower tips too on each blog.  I'll try and go along with what needs done when.

Now is the time to start tilling up your area where you plan on planting your garden and flower beds.  But first, clean your yard up!  Collect all those trigs & sticks and make a pile in your garden.  By burning them, you are putting ash into your ground which gives your plants many nutrients.  If you have been throwing your food wastes and leaves all winter, great!  Now it's time to start tilling and turning over that soil.  
What to plant NOW...
Onions and radishes are a couple favorites.  The frosts most likely will not hurt them and if you had any from last year that you didn't pull up, most likely you are seeing them coming up once again.  I love cutting the green tails and using them for fresh chives.  Lettuces of all varieties are great if you love mixed salads!

I wish I had a photo of our gardening barrels we used to use.   We would have an entire garden growing in one huge barrel with holes in different places around the diameter of it.  Great for if you are in limited space such as a condo, apt. etc.

Remember, "Our Blossoms Deliver Smiles"

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